The Eyes… They Do Have It

There is nothing pithy or profound to say about eyes that has not been said many times over- but aren’t they wonderful? They run second only to hearing in importance for us bi-peds. Eyes plead, they speak anticipation or weariness… (I’ve always thought that the reason God didn’t ever give me a brown-eyed baby is that I would be totally at their mercy.) The level of trust from one of these wee ones is like none other. It’s the reason that I hold to the principle of don’t tell children too much, too early. Don’t betray a child. Don’t abuse the trust of a child. Let them be a child. Let them filter and understand this big old world with all the gentle honesty and protection you can muster.


When this jagged planet starts to jade the filters they see the world with, a child never again hold your gaze with that same intensity of trust. It’s more measured- It’s wanting safe refuge, so make sure it is real for them. There is plenty in this old world to sober ’em up, so guard what their eyes see and what their ears hear.

I once heard a wise man say, a child will believe more of what you say about them than what you say to them. So tell them you love them to the moon. and let them hear you tell others that they are worth going to the moon for. And for pities sake let them be a little silly as they connect the goofy dots that the world throws at them. Because, sometimes when they can’t find the words their eyes will tell you what your heart needs to stop and listen to.


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