This Means Family….

Ohmygoodness, doesn’t it seem like every word in the dictionary is open to morphing definitions at a neck breaking speed? But as I tuck in some of my favorite people into these conversations, I can’t help but mention things from them that also impact me.

So for this one, I want to showcase Tami and JR’s family. You know what comes in their definition of “family”? Compass. They have a compass. They draw on their faith, their easy going laughter and their love for each other.


They are creative. Creative in ways that aren’t cookie cutters of each other, but compliment each other. They see an opportunity and go gently into it… or with gusto.


Work, volunteering, kids away at college, busy at home with younger kid stuff and yet I was impressed at how good they all are at listening to each other, even when life is silly. So we had to do this._DSC7960

December is a horrible time for available light and yet they bring sunshine on our cloudy days. They have that compass. They know what their true north is, and it means doing what needs to be done to help each other thrive.


And they care- Mom and Dad live it, the children are learning and launching out into life with it in their studies. So as serious as life is, this is what Mom said when I asked about any objections with putting the spotlight on them now…. and this is a direct quote…. “Not at all — well unless it’s a blog about moms who drink too much wine and dads who smoke too many cigars who raise adorable but naughty kids!!!”

So much to love about them and the compass in their hearts.

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