You, uhmmm, Have Something On Your Face

Morning faces. Aren’t they great? On a sleepy child, they are so endearing. But on a sleep deprived mom? Well, they can be a just little frightening.

Now sometimes we may have that face coming to us. Anyone ever had the experience of coming home from a date late only to be staring down the barrel of a ticked off, slept-in face of your mother, who has coffee breath layered on to morning breath powered by a lecture of consequences that will have you re-thinking breaking curfew for the rest of your days? But I rabbit trail…. your face…

You know that a good friend will always tell you if you have something on your face, or on your teeth, or the seat of your pants. Changing the things that need it, and can be- those are usually helpful. Not having your contacts in and telling your daughter she has something her nose … which turns out to be a pimple? Really not helpful.

And then there are the more stubborn, but not permanent things, “on our face”.


What about the things on our face that come from within…. do we wear our worries? our joys? our bitterness? Plastic and botox tries to erase the faces we earn. Our words and actions will reveal if what is on our face is real.

A real face- one that’s genuine but not cruel.  Put that one on.

A face that welcomes surprises and the unexpected. There’s a place for that- like letting friends show you their love, instead of insisting it follow a script. Even on your birthday. Put that one on.


You were beautiful the day you were born. You just were. Your sweet face welcomed connection without even asking for it. You too, now show love with faces that that are dear to you. You offer that touch, a hankie, a mirror.

Kindness that understands, put that face on.


Bravery with a little grit not grudge- put that one on.

Availability regardless of a little inconvenience, without enabling- put it on.

Calm, patience, undivided attention, resoluteness, confidence not bravado- all sweet things to go on a face. Those are the things that make the memory in the heart, or the picture canvas hanging on the wall, really really sweet.

Some call it bed-side manner, or customer service, or public service ….. or legacy. So when it’s a friend and you are concerned about what is “on their face”, go get coffee, bring a hankie…. but first, don’t forget to look in the mirror yourself.

Keep it real, your face knows and tells it all.