Who Loves Fall?

Not me. The days are getting so short. Reality of routine is staring me in the eyes. And here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s going to continue for the next 7 or 8 months until the warmer longer days persevere and summer returns. The plus side to this is that when there is a window in the weather to scurry outside to walk the poochie, sit at the beach with a latte, …or sweep the the freshly littered with needles and leaves walk- we do!


I like to think of myself as an optimist, but you folks who love fall? You’re really the optimists. You see the hot cup of cocoa that comforts the soul stuck inside. You see the opportunity when it isn’t  always obvious. You’re the one who stops and sees the colours.


You are probably good at seeing outside the box… Or just know when to take advantage of what’s in the box. It’s a good challenge. Use the shelter of the box when it’s needed, but don’t allow what’s outside to rain on your parade. Get out and seize the day.


So there’s less sun in the sky, and we need to bundle up, but that’s extra padding from the camera strap… and a chance for the lens to look at things in a different light. You folks who love fall? I’m glad you’re around! The camera will head outside, after the rain takes a breather… and I finish my hot cuppa joe…. just need to reign in the carb craving and urge to hibernate.

The Eyes… They Do Have It

There is nothing pithy or profound to say about eyes that has not been said many times over- but aren’t they wonderful? They run second only to hearing in importance for us bi-peds. Eyes plead, they speak anticipation or weariness… (I’ve always thought that the reason God didn’t ever give me a brown-eyed baby is that I would be totally at their mercy.) The level of trust from one of these wee ones is like none other. It’s the reason that I hold to the principle of don’t tell children too much, too early. Don’t betray a child. Don’t abuse the trust of a child. Let them be a child. Let them filter and understand this big old world with all the gentle honesty and protection you can muster.


When this jagged planet starts to jade the filters they see the world with, a child never again hold your gaze with that same intensity of trust. It’s more measured- It’s wanting safe refuge, so make sure it is real for them. There is plenty in this old world to sober ’em up, so guard what their eyes see and what their ears hear.

I once heard a wise man say, a child will believe more of what you say about them than what you say to them. So tell them you love them to the moon. and let them hear you tell others that they are worth going to the moon for. And for pities sake let them be a little silly as they connect the goofy dots that the world throws at them. Because, sometimes when they can’t find the words their eyes will tell you what your heart needs to stop and listen to.



Roadtripping- the camera goes with, and as everyone knows, grab the touristy shots, but put your people in most of them- it’s way more interesting. Lesson learned when you look back and see a whole lot of “postcard” shots that all start to look the same, right?


And here’s a hint for free: shoot into the light- make sure your exposure on your subject is good, but for those of us over 30 we’ll appreciate the effect a whole lot more. Use your pop up flash in a pinch to fill in if you absolutely must, just tone it down if you can. And if you really want to score points with ladies over 35, have the camera just a little higher than their eye level. Trust me on this one, you will score some serious brownie points.


We’ll see you when the car turns back around and returns to reality

Just Put It Down and Look Around…..

A camera is an easy and obvious thing that can get in the way of seeing the present. Case in point, a few years back my daughter and I were out hiking a wonderful trail with my sister and friend. So much beauty, and good air, and conversation…. and quiet. God bless the quiet. But it was still easy to miss beauty. So while I am busy grabbing bites (specifically, eh-hem, pictures) of what I miss in my urban living, one of the ladies quietly says, “you need to turn around and look at your daughter…..”  It didn’t last for long when she realized there was an audience.

My ballet girl, enjoying a moment to herself (she’s leaping on a path at the base of that stream- no photoshopping- it’s all in the camera angle) The obvious points are:

Point of view- they will grab varied perspectives                                                                                         Look around, or you could miss something really amazing.                                                                 Thank God for the people who have your back.

Sometimes people will tell me they’re just not into taking pictures, and my response breathes a little envy “Ah, so you’re into living the moment.” There is much merit in that.

For those of us who are sentimental slobs and fear forgetting those kodak moments we try to tuck into our hearts, our camera still goes with us. Still though, take the time to put the camera down, stop texting, stop talking, stop thinking about yesterday or tomorrow and just live- just for a moment.