Just Put It Down and Look Around…..

A camera is an easy and obvious thing that can get in the way of seeing the present. Case in point, a few years back my daughter and I were out hiking a wonderful trail with my sister and friend. So much beauty, and good air, and conversation…. and quiet. God bless the quiet. But it was still easy to miss beauty. So while I am busy grabbing bites (specifically, eh-hem, pictures) of what I miss in my urban living, one of the ladies quietly says, “you need to turn around and look at your daughter…..”  It didn’t last for long when she realized there was an audience.

My ballet girl, enjoying a moment to herself (she’s leaping on a path at the base of that stream- no photoshopping- it’s all in the camera angle) The obvious points are:

Point of view- they will grab varied perspectives                                                                                         Look around, or you could miss something really amazing.                                                                 Thank God for the people who have your back.

Sometimes people will tell me they’re just not into taking pictures, and my response breathes a little envy “Ah, so you’re into living the moment.” There is much merit in that.

For those of us who are sentimental slobs and fear forgetting those kodak moments we try to tuck into our hearts, our camera still goes with us. Still though, take the time to put the camera down, stop texting, stop talking, stop thinking about yesterday or tomorrow and just live- just for a moment.