Blaming It All on Bob

Bob, how did this happen to him? He’s sitting on the shelf, contentedly gathering a bit of dust and suddenly he’s off to some new outing. He’s a bacon saver. There’s a school of thought that when you go somewhere, don’t just take a picture of “it”, put one of your people in it.

So what do you do, when every last one of your people is stinkin’ tired of getting in the shot? You get Bob.

What about Bob? Bob happened on a trip to LA a few years back. Mom was on a geocaching mission. We’re talking m-i-s-s-i-o-n and the fam was … well, extending good sportsmanship, when out of the corner of my eye, Bob. Sure we were looking for a geocache at one of the original Bob’s Big Boy restaurants- but there was Bob. Good natured, go along-to-get-along Bob. And he’s been a good side-kick on occasion. Especially when there are friends and family involved.

Bob and Marv hanging at a Henry. (They're Henry Heads)

Bob and Marv hanging at a Henry. (they’re Henry Heads)

Bob and beloved JP Patches

Bob and beloved JP Patches